Lecture 1                                                                    Problems
     Elementary Newtonian Mechanics. Energy and Momentum
     Conservations. Kepler Problem

   Lecture 2                                                                     Problems
     Hamiltonian Principle. Lagrange Equatuion. Symmetries,
     Noether Theorem and Conservation Laws

  Lecture 3                                                                      Problems
     Hamiltonian Equations of Motion. Principle of Least Action

   Lecture 4                                                                      Problems
      Geometrical Aspects of Mechanics. Kepler Problem Revisited

   Lecture 5                                                                      Problems
      Small Oscillations. Resonance

   Lecture 6                                                                      Probkems
       Relativistic Mechanics of a Point Particle

    Lecture 7                                                                     Problems
       Mechanics in Non-inertial Frames

    Lecture 8                                                                      Problems
      Kinematic of Rigid Body

   Lecture 9                                                                       Problems
      Dynamics of Rigid Body

   Lecture 10
      Poisson Brackets, Canonical Transformaion and
      Hamiltonon-Jacoby Theory

   Lecture 11
      Adiabatic Invariants

   Lecture 12                                                  Problems

   Lecture 13                                                  Problems
     Integrable and Chaotics Dynamics. Strange Attractors

   Lecture 14                                                  Problems
     Lagrangian and Hamilonian Formulation of Continuous Mechanics

   Lecture 15                                                  Problems
     A Bridge between Classical and Quantum Mechanics

   Appendix 1
     Perturbation Theory

   Appendix 2
     Infinitely-dimensional Integrable Hamiltonian Systems

   Appendix 3