1. Properties of Layered Crystals

  2. Dielectric Losses

  3. Shoenberg Magnetism and Marginal Fermi-Liquid

  4. Properties of Granular Superconductors

  5. First, nearly Second Phase Transitions

  6. Charge Density Waves in 1D Conductors

  7. Light-ubduced Spin Orientation

  8. Shape of Crystalline Surfaces and Roughening Transitions

  9. Solid and Liquid Helium

  10. Phase Breaking of Electrons

  11. Electron-hole Droplets in Semiconductors

  12. Magnetic impurities in Metals

  13. Phase Slippage in Thin Superconducting Channels

  14. Chemical Reactions and Catalysis on Surface of Solids

  15. Low-temperature Properties of Glasses

  16. Impurities of the Atoms of Transition Elements in Semiconductors

  17. Lineshape of Josephson Radiation

  18. Quasicrystals

  19. Liquid Crystals

  20. Antiferromagnets

  21. Interactions in Disordered Metals

  22. Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

  23. Edge Singularity in X-ray Absorption in Metals

  24. Non-equilibrium Superconductivity

  25. Sound in Metals