B.A.Muzykantskii and D.E.Khmelnitskii Nearly Localized States in Weakly Disordered Conductor

B.A.Muzykantskii and D.E.Khmelnitskii Effective Action in Theory of Quasi-Ballistic Disordered Conductors

V.Tripathi and D.E.Khmelnitskii Level statistics in a two-dimensional disc with diffusive boundary scattering

Rosario Fazio, F. W. J. Hekking,and D.E.Khmelnitskii Anomalous Thermal Transport in Quantum Wires

A.I. Larkin and D.E. Khmelnitskii Elastic Model of Dry Friction

D.E. Khmelnitskii On Low-Temperature Properties of Uniaxial Dielectrics with a Soft Optic Mode.

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