Theory of Condensed Matter Group Special Seminar

October 21st., 2005, at 3.15 pm in the TCM Seminar Room*
Mott Building, Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HE

Reproducible Solid-State Nuclear Fusion: Experimental Evidence,
Theoretical Notions, and Possibilities for Commercial Development.

Russ George

Chief Scientific Officer, D2Fusion Inc., San Francisco, USA


In this talk I shall describe evidence for the successful induction of nuclear fusion reactions in the solid state.  The evidence includes photographic evidence for the occurrence of explosions similar to those produced by high-energy fission fragments, evidence from calorimetry for the generation of heat in excess of that possible from non-nuclear processes, and helium isotope generation.  The measurements are consistent with each other, indicating fusion rates of 1011-1013 events per second with a total of 1014-1018 events over long periods of continuous operation. The possibility of accounting for these observations in terms of the coherent behaviour of populations of deuterons will be discussed.

As a product of this work, carried out over 16+ years, we are now embarking on the engineering development of solid-state fusion applications, through research collaborations with major R&D institutions in the US and Europe.

*default location — will move to the Pippard Lecture Theatre if numbers dictate

All welcome

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