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Allon M. Klein

I am jointly a departmental postdoc in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School, and an EPSRC Life Sciences Interface post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, UK. I am also a Junior Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

During my PhD I applied concepts from non-equilibrium physics to infer the behaviour of progenitor cells in mammalian epidermis. I focused in particular on the mathematical properties of cell lineages, which satisfy rather aesthetic concepts of universality and scaling. This work was carried out in close collaboration with Phil Jones' lab.

I am currently studying cell fate regulation in early development, using approaches from statistical physics tied closely to experimental work. More generally, I am interested in how biological systems behave in their native environments, such as multicellular tissue, where many different regulatory inputs act in concert to determine cell behaviour.

To learn more about my research and publications, you can take a look at my research page.

Contact Details

At Harvard Medical School:  

Systems Biology

536 Warren Alpert

200 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115, USA



My CV can be found here.

At University of Cambridge:

TCM Group

Cavendish Laboratory

JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0HE, UK