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Theory of Living Matter Group



In this tutorial, Joe Guy will teach us about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a method which is not only used to image the inner anatomy of human patients, but has a wide range of applications in biology and biomedicine. Joe will in particular address the physics and information theoretical background, how the information from electromagnetic interactions between a radio source and atoms in biological tissue is transformed into a spatial image.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique that provides highly detailed images of living systems. It allows doctors and scientists alike to peer inside a living body, revolutionizing both science and medicine. But how does it work? Clever timings of radio waves combined with magnetic fields of varying strength cause subatomic particles to absorb and transmit energy in a way that can be detected an formed into an image. Here I explain this process in detail all the way from the radio wave to the pixel on the screen, requiring no background in physics, mathematics, chemistry, or biology to understand.

After the tutorial there will be plenty of time for informal discussions. We will serve some snacks and there will be opportunities to order food and drinks.

Date and venue

Date: Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 from 6pm

Venue: Panton Arms, 43 Panton St, CB2 1HL

The Panton Arms is roughly located between Tennis Court Road and the Botanic Garden.


No registration is necessary.

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