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Theory of Living Matter Group

Second Tutorial of the Theory of Living Matter Group


In this tutorial Edouard Hannezo will give an Introduction to the Modelling of Forces in Biological Tissues. The lecture is intended to be understandable for a broad audience with an interest in and basic knowledge of mathematics. No preliminary knowledge in non linear dynamics will be required. However, participants are supposed to have basic training in mathematical methods, especially differential equations and some linear algebra.

Forces play an essential role in biological processes such as development, cancer and homeostatic tissue regeneration. In this tutorial I will give an introduction to the theoretical methods that can be used to understand these forces and the ensuing tissue dynamics.

After the talk there will be plenty of time for informal discussions. We will serve some snacks.

Date and venue

Date: Wednesday, 29th April from 12pm-2pm

Venue: Theory of Condensed Matter seminar room, Mott Building, Cavendish Laboratory, 19 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE

The Cavendish Laboratory is located on the West Cambridge Site. The Theory of Condensed Matter seminar room is in the upper most floor of the Mott Building, near the coffee area.

Do you think your experimental work might benefit from theoretical insights? Are you a theorist who would like to present his work to an interdisciplinary audience? Then why not give a talk in one of our meetings? Just send us an email at .