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Theory of Living Matter Group


3rd Pub tutorial

No registration required.

Thursday, 9th July 2015, 6pm

Panton Arms
43 Panton St, Cambridge CB2 1HL


As usual, snacks are provided by TLM, drinks can be bought in the pub.

“Morphogenesis, cell migration and cell rearrangements”

Alexandra Kabla, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge

Cell migration relates to the active motion of a cell with respect to its direct environment, being a flat substrate, extra-cellular matrix or other cells. Single cell migration has been extensively studied in vitro and in vivo, and it is now clear that cells adopt different strategies depending on a number of environmental cues. By contrast, the case of cells migrating within populations of other motile cells remains challenging to tackle. Yet this is the process driving the early stages of animal development as well as certain pathologies such as cancer metastasis. We will review experimental techniques and conceptual tools commonly used to characterise and understand the dynamics of large cell populations. We will focus more specifically on two classes of cell motions: (i) collective cell migration, during which a coordinated group of cells migrate with respect to a support while largely preserving links with neighbours, and (ii) cell intercalation, where cells move relative to their neighbours and drive convergent-extension, a large scale tissue reorganisation process, without the need for an external support to migrate onto.