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Theory of Living Matter Group


4th General Meeting

General information

The fourth regular meeting will feature a talk by Prof Jeremy Green from King's College, London.

After the talk there will be a drinks reception with snacks and plenty of time for informal discussions.

Registration closed.

Tuesday, 3rd February 2015, 6pm

Main lecture theatre, Sainsbury Laboratory
Bateman Street, Cambridge CB2 1NN

Directions: The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University is located in Cambridge University Botanic Garden and can be accessed via Bateman Street. Note that the entrance to the Sainsbury Laboratory is rather hidden in the backyard of an arts school. There will be signs and people waiting to guide the way.


“Morphogens and morphogenesis: lessons from oral development”

Jeremy Green, King's College London

The embryonic mouse face is an excellent system for the analysis of both patterning and physical morphogenesis. Previous work using explants, inhibitors and genetics has shown that the transverse ridges (rugae) on hard palate are an example of a Turing-type Reaction-Diffusion mechanism involving the morphogens Shh and FGF. Canonical Wnt signalling has also been implicated. Three-morphogen systems are rarely considered, but time-resolved pathway target gene expression analysis and some theoretical considerations, have together identified a handful of possible network topologies that render this system amenable to experimental resolution. Physical morphogenesis, in particular anisotropic growth, is linked to patterning and a new framework for the analysis and understanding of growth processes will be presented.