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Theory of Living Matter Group


13th General Meeting

General information

In our 13th General Meeting, we will learn about natural cooperation. Our speaker in this meeting will be Prof Martin Nowak from Harvard University.

After the talk there will be a drinks reception with snacks and plenty of time for informal discussions.

No registration required.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 6pm

Sainsbury Laboratory,
Bateman Street
Cambridge CB2 1LR


“Natural Cooperation”

Martin Nowak (Harvard University)

Cooperation means that one individual pays a cost for another to receive a benefit. Cooperation can be at variance with natural selection. Why should you help competitors? Yet cooperation is abundant in nature and is important component of evolutionary innovation. Cooperation can be seen as the master architect of living matter, as the third fundamental principle of evolution beside mutation and selection. I will present some mathematical principles of evolution of cooperation.


This event is organised by the Theory of Living Matter Group and supported by The Company of Biologists, the Wellcome Trust/Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute and the Cambridge Philosophical Society.