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Theory of Living Matter Group

10th Theory of Living Matter General Meeting


Our 10th General Meeting celebrates the 100th anniversary of Sir D’Arcy Thompson’s influential opus magnum “On Growth and Form”. Our speakers in this meeting will be Prof L Mahadevan from Harvard University and Prof Michael Akam from the University of Cambridge.

L Mahadevan: Morphogenesis: geometry, physics and biology.

A century after the publication of D'Arcy Thompson's classic "On growth and form", his vision has finally begun to permeate into the fabric of modern biology. Within this framework, I will discuss the geometry and physics of biological morphogenesis, with a particular focus on regulated differential growth, using examples from a range of scales: macromolecular assemblies, single cells, multicellular tissues, and organs. Along the way, I will also discuss aspects of morphometrics, the quantification of biological shape, and morphogramming, the design of bioinspired shape.

Michael Akam: Arthropod Segmentation: A case study in Evolutionary Developmental Biology.


After the talk there will be plenty of time for informal discussions. We will serve snacks and drinks!

This event is organised by the Theory of Living Matter Group and supported by the Wellcome Trust/Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute and the Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Date and venue

Date: Wednesday, 29th November 2017 from 5.45pm

Venue: Main lecture theatre, Sainsbury Laboratory, Bateman Street, Cambridge CB2 1NN

The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University is located in Cambridge University Botanic Garden and can be accessed via Bateman Street. Note that the entrance to the Sainsbury Laboratory is rather hidden in the backyard of an arts school. There will be signs and people waiting to guide the way.


No registration required!

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