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Theory of Living Matter Group

About the Group

Who we are

The Theory of Living Matter group is a new initiative to build a network for researchers interested in theoretical analysis and modelling biological phenomena in Cambridge. The group aims to bring together theoretically oriented scientists (physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and others) and biologists on a postdoctoral or young group leader level. This initiative follows the ideas of the Physics of Living Matter initiative and the Physical Biology network, but our network focuses on the theoretical and modelling aspects of quantitative biology.For biologists, the network provides a local platform via which connections to theorists can be established and collaborations for data analysis and modelling can be initiated. For theorists, the network provides a way to connect with each other to discuss methods, keep up with the most exciting developments in biological research and connect to biologist with interesting phenomena to model.

First initiated by a group of theoretical physicists from the Cavendish Laboratory and DAMTP, the network rapidly attracted attention throughout Cambridge. Meanwhile, we count some 180 registered participants at all different stages of their academic careers. Many of the participants are experimentalists.

Research in the life sciences at the University of Cambridge is scattered over many different institutes and departments in and around Cambridge. The Theory of Living Matter group brings together researchers from the various institutions and provides a common platform to interact. Currently we have participants from the following institutions:

What we do

Within the framework of TLM, there are different types of events that take place about once per month.
  • A forum for junior scientists to informally introduce themselves and their work and to connect with others in the field. For that purpose we provide a webpage were participants can present themselves and give further links to anything related to their work. Furthermore, we will host one or more introductory meetings where people give a short presentation about their work.
  • A seminars series, were theorists present useful mathematical tools and concepts in a didactic way. These seminars should focus on teaching (like a lecture) and giving people an overview, rather than presenting own work.
  • A series of talks from experimental biologists that present their work where they believe that a contribution by theoretical modelling can improve the quality of their research.
  • Some talks from experienced researchers who report on their experience from interdisciplinary collaborations between biologists and physicists/mathematicians. This should not only include success storys about collaborations, but also which pitfalls one awaits when going on to work with somebody from an entirely different field.
  • A number of social events like coffee meets (local) or gatherings in a pub.

Join the group

Being associated with this network makes sure you obtain information on talks and meetings within the framework of TLM. To do so, just complete the following form:

Registration form

Connect with other scientists via our website

Displaying your contact information and research interests in the members section of the Theory of Living Matter webpage is a great way to get in touch with other experimentalists and/or theorists in Cambridge. If you would like us to put your information on the webpage, please send the following to :

  • Your name
  • Email address (optional)
  • Your affiliation
  • Address of your private or departmental webpage (optional)
  • Research interests (three to four short bullet points)
  • One or two sentences about you and your research (write whatever you want) in twitter format, around 140 characters.
  • A photo of you (optional)

Write us!

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email at .