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Wei Zheng

Dr Wei Zheng

Dr Wei Zheng

Postdoc in Prof Cooper's group

Office: 506 Mott Bld
Phone: +44(0)1223 3 37476
Email: wz287 @

TCM Group, Cavendish Laboratory
19 JJ Thomson Avenue,
Cambridge, CB3 0HE UK.


I am interesting in cold atom physics. Now my research is focused on the following topics

Qunatum gases interacting with the artificial gauge potential.

Quantum gases with internal degree of freedom, such as spinor BEC and SU(N) system.

Toplogical states in the cold atom system.

Quantum non-equilibrium phenomena of driven-dissipation cold atom system, such as quantum gases in the optical cavity.

Due to the fast development of the cold atom experiments, I would like to work close to the experiment. That means explaining the experimental observations, or suggesting proposals for the experiments.

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