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TCM's Fiftieth Anniversary

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On Tuesday 5th July 2005 TCM held a symposium to celebrate fifty years of existence as TCM (and formerly as the Solid State Theory Group).

Several distinguished academics were invited to give talks, and we heard from:

Prof David Thouless (Washington) Superfluidity in dense boson fluids and solids

Prof Rex Godby (York) Electronic structure: many-body physics from a wave-mechanics perspective

Prof Tom McLeish (Leeds) A random walk northwards from TCM with a few forks in the road

Dr Peter Haynes (TCM) Introducing ONETEP: linear-scaling density-functional theory with plane-waves

Prof Denis Weaire (Trinity College Dublin) Throwing shapes

The day was not limited to academic discussion. There was also an evening dinner at Jesus College, and, earlier in the afternoon, the obligatory birthday cake, shown below with Prof Heine, who was Head of Group for about twenty years.

50th birthday cake