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Emergent Quantum Phenomena

The Emergent Quantum Phenomena Seminar Series is a joint seminar series of the AMOP, QM, SP, TCM, and TFM groups in the Cavendish, meeting approximately four times each term. The series has been jointly initiated by the AMOP, QM, SP, TCM, and TFM Research Groups, but is open to everyone and covers all aspects of quantum phenomena in condensed matter and synthetic many-body systems, and their theoretical description. As a consequence, the aim for this seminar series is for all talks to be accessible to a wider audience compared to a typical group seminar.

All are welcome

Unless otherwise noted, its meetings are held at 2pm on Fridays in the TCM Seminar Room.

Michaelmas 2017

October 13th: Cold atoms vs solids: differences and opportunities

Dr Ulrich Schneider, AMOP

October 27th: Concepts and techniques in Magnetism

Dr Adrian Ionescu, TFM

November 10th: Introduction to topological phases

Dr Benjamin Béri, TCM

November 24th: Concepts and techniques in Quantum Matter research at the Cavendish

Dr F. Malte Grosche, QM