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If a remote CASTEP job fails

Materials Studio checks most of the data and settings required to perform a CASTEP job prior to launch. If it cannot start the job, error messages are generated detailing the reasons.

However, sometimes jobs may fail for reasons which cannot be checked prior to launch. In such cases, more detailed information about the error may only be available in the [seedname].castep file produced by the job or in the project log file. Other files stored in the job directory on the server, for example, Castepexe.log, may also contain further clues. To view the server-side files, you can use the Remote View facility of the Job Explorer.

Below is a list of the most common reasons for CASTEP jobs to fail. It may help you to identify and fix any problems you have with your remote CASTEP jobs. For generic reasons for remote job failures please consult the If a remote job fails help topic.

Select View | Project Log from the menu bar to see if any error or warning messages have been reported.

Common reasons for a CASTEP job to fail to start

Server-side problems

It is important to identify the reason for the failure of a CASTEP job before taking any action. In most cases, the error message produced will give a good indication of the reason for the failure. If the error message indicates that the job failed, but does not provide specific reasons, check the [seedname].castep file produced by the job or check the project log.

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