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Optics Analysis Options dialog

The CASTEP Optics Analysis Options dialog allows you to specify the Drude contribution to the optical properties.

Plasma frequency: Specify the value of the plasma frequency which is used in the Drude term.

A value of zero, no Drude correction, should be used for insulators and semiconductors. For metals, a typical value range is 2-10 eV.

Drude damping: Specify the lifetime broadening for the Drude contribution.

Typical values range from 0.02 eV to 0.08 eV.

OK: Updates the settings with any changes and closes the dialog.

Cancel: Closes the dialog without updating any settings.

Help: Displays this Help topic.

Access methods

Menu Modules | CASTEP | Analysis | Optical properties | More...
Toolbar | Analysis | Optical properties | More...
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