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Options tab

The Options tab allows you to specify the minimization algorithm and the parameters controlling the algorithm.

Algorithm: Specify the minimization algorithm. Two algorithms are supported by CASTEP.

The BFGS algorithm is recommended (see the Geometry optimization theory topic for details).

The Damped MD algorithm is not used when cell optimization is performed.

Use line search: When checked, indicates that optimization should use the advanced line search algorithm.

This checkbox is checked by default, except when the main quality is set to Express. If you specify the Express quality setting and then request line search, the Quality is displayed as Customized on both the Minimizer tab and the Setup tab of the CASTEP Calculation dialog. In the latter scenario it is necessary to set convergence criteria for gradients and displacements to sensible values, since the line search algorithm cannot function using only the energy change criterion.

Use delocalized internals: When checked, indicates that delocalized internal coordinates should be used during geometry optimization, instead of Cartesian coordinates. This setting typically speeds up the calculation by 2-3 times.

The Use delocalized internals option is enabled only if the BFGS algorithm is selected.

The delocalized internals minimizer does not currently support cell optimization. As a result, CASTEP will automatically switch over to Cartesian coordinates when the cell is allowed to vary.

The delocalized internals minimizer respects nonlinear constraints only for P1 structures that do not contain mixture atoms.

Damping algorithm: Specify the algorithm for the Damped MD method. The supported algorithms are:

The Independent damping algorithm is recommended (see the Geometry optimization theory topic for details).

Damping coefficient recalculation frequency: During the damped MD optimization, the damping coefficients are recalculated occasionally to improve the damping rate. This value specifies the number of MD steps between these recalculations.

The Damping coefficient recalculation frequency value is not used by the steepest descent algorithm.

Wavefunction extrapolation: Specify the method to be used for wavefunction extrapolation between MD steps.

Time step: Specify the time step to be used in the damped MD geometry optimization.

Auto-update time step: When checked, indicates that the time step will be automatically updated to speed up the geometry optimization.

The Time step and Auto-update time step controls are enabled only if the Damped MD algorithm is selected.

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